The Take-Out Spot

In 2004 we were able to get a place of our own.  Papa, Redbone, and the Powder Crew were slangin' smoked meats, fried fish, and goodness daily, and would regularly sell out.  Customers would always ask us: "when are you going to expand?!?"  Papa searched for months to find just the right spot to permanently showcase his passion, then he finally did....

The Soul Food Kitchen as you know it today

     On May 5th, 2006, we opened our doors at 400 Blair Blvd in the historic Whiteaker neighborhood.  We were happy to finally have a full-service restaurant where we could give our customers the whole experience of Papa's dream for what the Soul Kitchen would be. From the folk art on the walls, to the creaky boards on the deck, Papa created what he always dreamed of: a Soul Food destination in Eugene.  Papa's Soul Food Kitchen was run by Papa and his partner Deb from 2002 until he passed away in 2009.

     Since 2009, Deb has kept the business running strong and promoted Papa's long time Sous Chef Cliff 'Redbone' Davis to manager of daily operations and food quality. The standards of food, culture and atmosphere that Papa set are honored and enforced daily so that your experience at the Soul kitchen today is what Papa set out to create for you! We hope you come in and can enjoy our restaurant's uniqueness, whether it's your first time experiencing our southern cuisine or you are from the south and want a little bit of home. And when you leave, tell a friend about us and help spread the word that Papa's Soul Food is so good it'll make ya' wanna slap yo Mama!!!

Our Humble Beginning

Papa's Soul Food Kitchen started as a little food cart on the corner of Polk and 7th Avenue in Eugene Oregon.  Papa worked to introduce the locals to his style of food and hospitality.  He would slang BBQ out of the food cart for two years, rain or shine, before moving into Joe's Bar.

Our Move to Joe's

After the success of the food cart, Papa's moved into Joe's Bar on 6th and Willamette to offer our customers delicious soul food and BBQ in a night club setting.  We were there for two years spreading the word about Papa's and fillin' bellies.